About Us

Since 2018, Ateliers Phi develops SHINE toilets concepts - the first ecological waterless and off the grid dry toilets, developed with natural and up-cycled waste materials.

Our business is based on a social enterprise model - We focus on closed-loop system solutions, sustainability and respect. Our company is a multi-cultural, diverse and inclusion-driven cradle to align human beings together with the environment and be one with nature.

Our Core Values

We are a social entreprise with a real purpose.

Our Team
We unite experts with different backgrounds and expertise

in marketing, business, public relations, finance, architecture, sustainability and agriculture to build green and sustainable products.
Our Projects
We develop the toilets for and with people. It is not just eco friendly toilets, but it is also clean and easy to use for anybody.

Project 1. Building site, Jiashan
Project 2. The orphanage; Chongming island; I toilet installation in August 2020; 15 children using it daily
Project 3. 101 organic farm, Pudong; 2 toilets with compost units; Toilets for visitors and as a showcase to install in rural farmlands
Our Partners
Our Credential